What Happens When Five-Year-Olds Interview Kids

What do six year olds want to ask children their age on the other side of the world?

02 Jan, 2017

What Happens When Five-Year-Olds Interview Kids

1. “Do you have computers?”

_— Jasmin, 5 _

epiphanie-3 blog “No. I’ve never used a computer.”

— Ephiphanie, 9

2. “Do you read at school?”

— Pat, 6

emmanuella-3 blog

“Yes, I can read at school.”

– Emmanuella, 6

3. “Do you like writing?”

– Izzabelle, 6

ithielle-3 blog “Yes, I like to write people’s names.”

— Ithielle, 9

4. “Do you have a library at school?”

— Max, 6

jerome-3 blog


—Jerome, 9

5. “Do you read at school?”

— Benji, 5

romaric-3 blog

“Yes, we read at school!”

— Romaric, 10

6. “What do you like to do at school?”

— Brayden, 6

segnon-3 blog

“I like playing catch and passing my exams. I am in first grade.”

— Segnon, 5

7. “What do you eat at school?”

– Honor, 6

solange-3 blog

“I eat rice, pasta and juice.”

— Solange, 9

In many ways, these Australian kindy kids and their friends in Togo are alike. They love reading and playing catch (or tips!) with their friends. But for kids in Togo, education is often a privilege and not a guaranteed right. While primary school attendance is good, only half of boys and less than half of girls attend secondary school. Just 60 per cent of adults over 15 can read, write and understand a simple statement about their everyday life.

Your support through child sponsorship helps ensure kids like Solange and her friends have the opportunity to go to school and receive an education. With the opportunity to realise their potential, these kids have a bright future — just like Honor’s class in Australia.

Learn more about child sponsorship.

Photos and interviews by Newcastle photographer Ben Adams Words by Zoe Noakes

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